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Intro to Cupping Therapy

Cupping Intro or Add on to 1 hour massage.

Wondered what cupping is? Today is a good day to try how it can help you. We are offering a 30 minute session to get everyone hooked on cupping!

This 30 min intro session includes consultation on Cupping Therapy and Targeted Treatment Session.

Have extra time try a Massage plus Cupping Therapy (90 Min Total)

After consultation,  your therapist will apply cupping to your targeted areas.  Here is a little bit of info on how it works and how it can help with pain?  It is a form of deep tissue massage and may be used for a variety issues like back pain, fibromyalgia, bronchial congestion, migraines and can assist with emotional pain such as anxiety, stress and trauma. Plastic silicone cups are strategically placed on the skin for specific length of time to create a suction to bring fresh blood and oxygen to the surface to induce deep healing.  The suctions created by the cups increase blood flow there by releasing muscle tension, reducing inflammation and improve circulations.   May not use Spa Cards as payment nor any other offer/discount/coupon. No rebook rate are available at this time for this service.